Uganda Workshop to Adapt Culturally-Appropriate Mental Health Screening Tools

At the start of 2021, Sproutly Support Services & the Centre for Psychosocial Education and Community Engagement (PEACE) collaborated to produce a series of resources curated to promote positive mental health and help health and social service practitioners integrate best practice approaches into new or existing mental health promotion programs and initiatives under the Bloomwell project here in Uganda.

Bloomwell is an online community platform that works together with talented creatives and mental health service providers across Kampala to move evidence to action to mobilize support for Ugandans by connecting them to self-help activities and tools that help one overcome negative thoughts, stress & life’s challenges post-COVID.

In consultation with the local leaders of Gulu city, the Center for PEACE (Psychosocial Education & Community Engagement) carried out a workshop for the cultural adaptation of commonly used mental health screening tools here in Uganda. This workshop was held 25th-27th Oct 2021.

The joint program review was carried out by a team of local and external experts under the leadership of the Center for PEACE. The overall objectives of the program review were:

  1. To harmonize and leverage valid screening tools for identifying emotional and behavioral disorders among adolescents and young adults in Uganda.
  2. To provide a succinct overview of symptoms for the purposes of working to improve the ability of healthcare providers to detect mental health problems.
  3. To get recommendations for improving and accelerating mental health programs performance towards set national and global targets.

By providing a succinct overview of symptoms, we hope to improve the ability to detect mental health problems across various healthcare settings here in Uganda.

We are currently seeking additional funding to carry out a pilot project to validate these tools.

This workshop was funded by Sproutly.