We provide thorough documentation of rights violations, and propagate legal and policy recommendations for remedying those violations.

We use empirical data and neuroscience to help you effectively tackle sexual harassment prevention, response and compliance. 

 We make the connection between gender equality and sustainable development by providing technical assistance on gender equality and women’s empowerment issues. This includes Theory of Change and logical framework.

We conduct specialised studies focused on production, reproduction, and resistance to norms that produce inequality between men and women. This includes baseline assessments, quality assurance assessments, impact, poverty and gender assessments, and gender analysis.

We provided guidance on how to conduct participatory gender audits. These audits are based on self-assessments of how gender issues are addressed in programming portfolios and internal organizational processes, and not on external evaluation. 

We provide gender mainstreaming services that assess and analyze the strength, policies, programmes, organization process and structures put in place to achieve gender equality targets and other cross-cutting issues. We then make recommendations on reviewing some policies and omit those which are no longer beneficial and possibly creating new ones.

We support task force groups and committees of all sizes and stages and offer guidance on thoughtful community building and fostering inclusive culture. This is usually done through reviewing, revamping, and creating Employee Handbooks and company policies.

We help our clients develop targeted goals and monitor the success of their DEI programs.

From web copy to public events, we help companies effectively communicate internally and external about their DEI values, goals, and programming.

We design custom processes that embed belonging, diversity, equity & inclusion across the employee life cycle. These include recruiting, on-boarding, feedback and performance management, promotions, and exits.

Our assessment strategies include desk reviews, focus groups, listening sessions, one-on-one interviews and surveys to better understand equity, inclusion and diversity needs.

As racial equity consultants, gender specialists, African feminists, development communication  specialists, activists, and change agents, we operate from an integrated, feminist, anti-racist/ anti oppression perspective on systemic racism. We help  organizations do the work necessary to comprehend the multiple  levels of racism, as well as their own roles in perpetuating systemic racism, and then identifying.

In a world driven by data, Sproutly Support Services makes sure your business isn’t left behind. We help clients with strategies, tools, and processes that create continuous intelligence, minimize risk in decision-making, and drive enterprise-wide value for new business development.

We work with non-technical stakeholders to prioritize projects, define requirements, select vendors or design internal technical solutions, and integrate tooling into the broader technical infrastructure of new product development and marketing campaigns. 

Sproutly Support Services  has been at the forefront of  recognising the potential that digital innovation holds for  development outcomes. We will work with you to build custom technology to enhance programme delivery, as well as support the implementation of your technology focused programmes.

We study context by conducting thorough market research to validate a potential business development and investment thesis. Business development services include product development and campaign management services.

We assist with the development of programs and projects. We also provide fund management and management of framework contracts by Programme, policy and project reviews and (impact) evaluations.

We continuously develop and enhance tools and technologies to provide standard and custom data collection solutions to our clients’ objectives. We combine multiple technologies such as paper, mobile technology and the Internet in innovative ways to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective data collection and management services.

Our data processing and analysis department is equipped with a full range of data interrogation software packages including STATA, SPSS, RStudio, Excel, Power BI etc. Our data processing team are experienced in data cleaning, tabulation and analysis and provision of Dashboards.

We develop M&E frameworks for monitoring the performance of programs. We collect, store, analyze, and transform data into strategic information so it can be used to make informed decisions for program management and improvement, policy formulation, and advocacy. Our M&E frameworks involves Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Results-based Management Monitoring

We support new business development activities. We develop and assess project proposals and work with you to win bids.

 We will work with your beneficiaries to increase their capacity to use information and media technologies.

We produce videos/documentaries pertinent to social issues. We provide copywriting services for the purposes of developing media campaigns and publishing articles 

Despite the fact that the Internet, social media, mobile phones, and other technologies have greatly expanded our ability to share information and communicate across borders, there are many stories that are still missing and voices that remain unheard. We develop strategies centered around amplifying unheard voices by including them in conversations and debates on issues

We work with HR staff and Employee Assistance Programs to setting up socially inclusive policies and long-term anti-racist programming. We incorporate both the use of mindfulness practices and discussions on how implicit biases arise from lack of racial awareness and privilege(s).

We help strengthen the Benchmarking, and Impact Assessments-ity of executive and front-line managers to build and manage diverse and inclusive teams and conduct effective employee performance management.

We support individuals, managers, and executives with the tools necessary to successfully and sustainably make the programmatic and cultural changes necessary to become more diverse and inclusive.

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