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We work with organizations to drive social impact and provide innovative and inclusive solutions for our clients across civil society, research institutions, public and private sectors.

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As technical communicators, we utilize user-centered design thinking to conduct research, capacity-building, and advocacy services that cater directly to citizen needs and demands.


Through multilingual and interdisciplinary social engagement, we act as an unbiased source of technical assistance for international organizations looking to coordinate donor investments across Africa and the Diaspora.


We work with governments, civil society, NGOs and the private sector to re-design their services and strengthen operations management through strategic planning and change management support services.

Our Values

As gender specialists, African feminists, research consultants, development communication specialists, activists, and change agents, we operate from an integrated, feminist, anti-racist/ anti-oppression perspective to foster action and renew movements for that proactively encourage humanitarian actors to modernize and transform practices through socially responsible design.

We are committed to amplifying social inclusion and breaking down sources of unequal power and status of members of society. We believe in co-designing and co-creating better experiences through active participation, diverse and inclusive consultations with our network of journalists, influencers, research consultants, and well connected legal and policy experts.


Human RIghts Advocacy
We provide thorough documentation of rights violations, and propagate legal and policy recommendations for remedying those violations.
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DEI Committee Support
We support task force groups and committees of all sizes and stages and offer guidance on thoughtful community building and fostering inclusive culture. This is usually done through reviewing, revamping, and creating Employee Handbooks and company policies.
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Data + Analytics 
In a world driven by data, Sproutly Support Services makes sure your business isn’t left behind. We help clients with strategies, tools, and processes that create continuous intelligence, minimize risk in decision-making, and drive enterprise-wide value for new business development.
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Organizational Strategy & Transformation

Sensitize employees and leaders to the experiences of the people they serve and develop organizational practices that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Training and People Development

Utilize a range of workshops, virtual training and coaching services to foster equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Embrace a multidimensional approach to sustainable research through development of M&E frameworks for monitoring the performance of programs.

Gender & Human Rights Advisory

Implement gender mainstreaming and training to address gender gaps and provide legal and policy recommendations for remedying rights violations.

Strategic Communications

Develop communication strategies to enable organizations to reach wider audiences and utilize media to influence social and policy change.

Consumer Products Consulting

Design repeatable growth models and innovation pipelines that generate new products with higher potential of failure.

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