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Hi, welcome to Sproutly Digital Health Solutions.

We are scientists, researchers, healthcare clinicians and digital and gaming experts who are passionate about creating innovative AI-powered approaches to help people improve their mental health and well-being in low-resource settings on the African Continent.

Why? Because despite the fact that the Africa’s population grew by 49% between 2000 and 2015, 17.9 million years were lost to disability as a consequence of mental health problems.

That’s why we’ve designed Bloomwell by Sproutly- an online community platform that works together with talented creatives and mental health service providers across East and West Africa to mobilize support for youth and young professionals.

A problem of this size deserves a new approach

In Sierra Leone, the treatment gap (that is, the proportion of those in need who go untreated) for formal mental health services has been estimated at 98·8%.2  In Nigeria, there are about 150 psychiatrists and 4000 registered social workers3  with a total population of 200 million people in country.

As Africa’s population is expected to double over the next three decades, it is imperative that a robust mental health services  infrastructure be put in place to meet the demands of the people. We work with healthcare and social service organizations to gain a deep understanding of digital consumer behavior through user testing and optimization digital healthcare products. We’ve designed a digital therapeutics platform grounded in science

Our Solutions

Science is at our core

Everything we do is evidence-based and clinically validated. We built our platform on the sciences of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other proven mental health and psychosocial support interventions. We then validate its effectiveness using and implementation science framework

About the science

Want better outcomes?
Start with mental health.

We believe if you want to improve individuals’ total health you can’t ignore their mental and emotional health. With the exponentially growing population, the pressures on young people in particular, who across the continent are already struggling to earn a livelihood in highly competitive labour markets, are likely to spike up.

Many will experience psychological problems as they struggle to realise their ambitions, and some will turn to substance misuse as a means of alleviating their frustration.

 From peer reviewed randomized controlled studies to personal testimonials, our implementing partner You Belong has demonstrated its ability to proactively respond to depressive symptoms and anxiety in individuals across the mental health continuum.

In terms of dealing with mental illness, we are still under-resourced as a country and we don’t have enough mental specialists to handle these cases.

– Dr Byamah B Mutamba, Co-Founder, Director of Programmes, YOUBELONG UGANDA

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