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Transforming Maternal & Child Health with Tech

We are scientists, researchers, clinicians, data analysts, and gaming experts who are passionate about creating innovative AI-powered approaches to help people improve their mental health and well-being in low-resource settings on the African Continent.

That’s why we’ve designed Bloomwell by Sproutly- a digital therapeutics platform grounded in science that educates and engages field teams, healthcare providers, and patients with the right tools all in one place.

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We work with healthcare and community-based organizations to gain a deep understanding of digital consumer behavior through user testing and optimization of digital healthcare products. Sproutly’s HMIS and EMR solutions include a complete product suite for staff and patient management complimented with a mental health & wellness platform.

Ask us about our “offline first” mobile apps that are designed to help field teams find company-specific answers to questions in split-seconds. 

In partnership with governments, NGOs, and CSOs, we leverage our platform to streamline workflow management systems and establish repeatable, scalable health services.

Connecting the health ecosystem to establish sustainable health services

Our Solutions

Science is at our core

Everything we do is evidence-based and clinically validated. We built our platform on the sciences of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other proven mental health and psychosocial support interventions. We then validate its effectiveness using and implementation science framework

About the science

Want better outcomes?
Start with mental health.

We believe if you want to improve individuals’ total health you can’t ignore their mental and emotional health. We at Sproutly are focused on facilitating the creation of culturally appropriate patient-provider relationships.  Prior to launching any product, we alway design a series of focus-group trials to enable safe beta testing as a means to finding out what works.

Our implementing partner Center for PEACE (Psychosocial Education and Community Engagement) has demonstrated its ability to proactively respond to depressive symptoms and anxiety in individuals across the mental health continuum. 

“If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them.”    

-bell hooks


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