SHATTERPROOF- Strategies to Advance Health Equity

Sproutly was contracted to conduct a half-day facilitated healthy equity session for the National Stigma Initiative team at Shatterproof. Sessions included:

Introduction– Brief overview of Systemic Racism and Substance Use Disorders in stigmatizing structures of society.

Group Discussion– We developed common language to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations of Shatterproof’s programming work & laws/regulations that drive stigmatization.

Exercise- Assess Existing Practices– We critically assessed stigma team programs, practices and work culture and determine where areas for improvement exist. We also discussed whether Shatterproof’s programs, practices and work culture are historically informed.

Building the Capacity of the Stigma team to Advance Health Equity as a Strategic Priority

Designing a historically informed, anti-racist program strategy– Using the equityXdesign framework, we addressed issues raised in previous section of training and through interactive exercises develop the beginnings of an action plan.