Population Action International- Motion Tracker Global Synthesis (Uganda)

The Qualitative Research team at Sproutly was commissioned by PAI and The SAMASHA Medical Foundation in Uganda to create a report that highlighted the key components needed to implement a civil society-led accountability mechanism at the national level for family planning as evidenced by the implementation of the Motion Tracker. In this capacity we:

• Conducted an in-depth desk review of the project proposal, log frame, and other secondary related
documents related to the project to identify themes and factors that contributed to success or posed

• Interviewed partners to gather detailed information on the implementation process in their respective

• Wrote and edited report synthesizing findings across seven countries in collaboration with project team
based on partner interviews, and source documents

The Evaluation was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This work was undertaken to strengthen accountability towards government commitments for Family Planning and was co-financed with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.