Sproutly was hired to develop a facilitator-led workshop “Building a Culture of Racial Equity at IOM”as a part of International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) plan to adopt transformative approaches to Anti-Racism in Development and to close out with a reflection on Key Learnings and next steps for the way forward in working to claim and shape an anti-racist identity.

Culture – One IOM: Developed a shared vocabulary and analysis of racism at IOM. The point of this discussion was to highlight the fact that as an iNGO, IOM is bringing together many different cultures, languages and countries to work. When we think about culture we want to create a work environment where all staff are treated with dignity and respect.

What Does DEI mean to the IOM? Defined Diversity, Equality and Inclusion using the same language and vocabulary that has already been put out there within the IOM community. It was about treating one another, our clients and communities with empathy, dignity and respect…This is why it matters to all of us:

We need to: (1)  better understand one another; (2) be thoughtful in how we interact; and (3)  understand how our words and actions may impact others whether intentional or not – so let’s look at some situations and reflect (DOVE INTO SCENARIOS/CASE STUDIES)

Scenarios on Implicit Bias – All of us may bring implicit bias to situations. This is what implicit bias is – this is how it influences us – Understanding this may help us to be  more inclusive – case studies – how we can adjust our behaviors (key takeaways) Scenarios on Microaggressions  – a series of brief microaggressions (key learnings)


Self-Reflection Exercise(s)

Power Inequalities: We also need to be mindful that there are always power inequalities in the workplace and the impact that may have on us depending upon our positions in the organization. Deepen the learners’ understanding of the nature of inequalities:

What can each of us do to move towards a more equitable workplace – role that diversity and inclusion play?

Through the process, I took participants through scenarios, examples or a process to show them how to deal with microaggressions.

Breakout Discussions- Took place within a group setting where staff discuss policy level changes and recommendations that IOM could consider implementing to shift work culture…(there were required readings prior to the session)

Conclusion: Key learnings – Building a stronger culture – ONE IOM