Dr. Abiola Abu-Bakr, DNP, MPH, RN

Dr. Abiola Abu-Bakr holds a clinical doctorate in public health nursing and works as an Advanced Practice Public Health Nurse with a passion for both her local and global community. A firm believer that everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to live a healthy life- Dr. Abu-Bakr enjoys engaging community, political representatives , and organizations in conversations about health equity, birth equity, historical trauma perpetuated by racism and neocolonialism, and affirming the realities and experiences of non-white communities when engaging with the U.S. healthcare system and the international aid & development sector. When she is not addressing “wicked problems” in the public health field, Dr. Abu-Bakr works as a doula and provides birthing services for pregnant and postpartum people as the co-founder of ÀBĪYÈ Collective.