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What is the problem?

There is no “Portable” in HIPAA.  Each office keeps their own patient  medical record that does not connect  to other offices or provide value to  patients.

How big is the problem?

A $28 billion dollar EMR market that  interfaces directly with less than 8%  of the population.

Why does the problem exist?

Healthcare information resides in  silos inside individual EMRs for each  practice. The EMR is not portable and  is faxed in-between providers to share  clinical patient information.

How is the problem being addressed?

A solution that efficiently and  effectively connects providers through  the patient record via smart device.

Patient Mobile Application

Patient Centric Health Information

  • Digitized – no more paper intake forms
  • Secure
  • Permanent and updatable

Current patient information

Connecting physicians through the patient

Free for patient adoption and utilization

Universal, works with any EMR or as a stand-alone enterprise solution

Healthcare Provider Web Application

  • SaaS model
  • Digital presentation of most relevant patient data presented as clinical information
  • Emphasis on current condition

○Addition of patient health outside the provider visit

○Headache and Pain tracking

○Medication module

○Patient reported outcomes (ODI, VAS, NDI)

Mindset Medical  Hardware Interface

  • Secure firewalled device connecting patient smartphone to provider application
  • Communicates with secure HIPAA compliant cloud database
  • No PHI resides on phone or provider network
  • Provisional patent application filed to enable:

○Creation of a personal digital health portfolio (PDHP)

○Integration of EMR (connect providers through patient)

○Integration of wireless or bluetooth vital measurement devices

○Enhanced authentication for management of narcotic prescriptions


How big is the market?

Over 165 health apps were created in 2015.  There are currently over 300 health apps in the  marketplace. The projected PHR segment is  expected to exceed $17 billion by 2022.

Market Breakdown

50 % Usage
PHR is expected to exceed 75% market adoption by the year 2020
25 Billions Market
By the year 2025 the EMR market is expected to exceed $33 billion.
76 EMR Usage
Certified Teachers
10 Billion
Health cloud computing market will exceed $15 billion by 2022.
12 Billion $ A Year
Health cloud computing market will exceed $15 billion by 2022.